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Mastering Resilient Communication

Mastering Resilient Communication

Hone your leadership and resilient communication skills with this 30-minute course led by top-rated global presenter Lorraine K. Lee.

Tailored for school business professionals, this course provides strategies to confidently navigate high-pressure situations, turn negative feedback into opportunities for growth, overcome common presentation mistakes, and more. Learn to respond gracefully when caught off guard and fine-tune your communication when presenting to leaders.

Enroll today to boost your communication skills and strengthen your resilience in any professional scenario.

Be sure to check out the companion course, Communicating With Confidence presented by Lorraine K. Lee.

Continuing Education
0.50 CEUs

Competency Level
Learning Objectives
  • Conduct effective meetings
  • Adapt communication strategies for various audiences
  • Identify tactics to maintain composure in high-pressure scenarios
  • Use empathy when sharing difficult news