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Communicating With Confidence

Communicating With Confidence

Boost your professional communication skills with this impactful 30-minute course, designed exclusively for school business professionals.

Guided by top-rated global presenter Lorraine K. Lee, this course unravels the intricacies of effective communication. Gain insights into the significance of successful communication, navigate common pitfalls, and master techniques such as communicating with empathy, organizing your thoughts, and using your voice effectively. You'll also discover strategies for seamless interdepartmental communication and learn to adapt your communication style for diverse audiences and stakeholders.

Embark on your learning journey today to enhance your productivity and grow your confidence as an effective communicator.

Be sure to check out the companion course, Mastering Resilient Communication presented by Lorraine K. Lee.

Continuing Education
0.50 CEUs

Competency Level
Learning Objectives
  • Navigate common communication pitfalls to enhance productivity
  • Use best practices to write clear and concise emails
  • Implement strategies to communicate effectively across departments