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The Legislative Process & Advocacy 101

The Legislative Process & Advocacy 101

Help shape the future of public education with this introductory course presented by CASBO’s Governmental Relations Team.

Tailored for school business practitioners, this course provides a foundational exploration of California’s intricate legislative landscape, laying the groundwork for impactful advocacy efforts. You will gain essential insights into the nuanced roles and leadership changes within the legislature, along with a comprehensive understanding of how a bill becomes law and the state budget process.

You’ll also learn effective strategies for vetting policy proposals and crafting compelling advocacy messages, discovering actionable steps you can take to impact legislative and budgetary decisions affecting local educational agencies.

Enroll today to take an important step in your advocacy journey and contribute to the evolution of public education in California.

Continuing Education
1.00 CEUs

Competency Level
Learning Objectives
  • Outline the process for a bill to become a law in California
  • Cite critical dates and milestones on the legislative calendar
  • Summarize the state budget process
  • Develop impactful advocacy talking points
  • Educate decision-makers on the implications of policy proposals